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About the working man's triathlon

Everybody has at least one weak event... which is yours?

Is your name on this beauty?


No arguing the rules - they are the law.


No handicap, individual scoring, play your own ball. Lowest gross score wins. With 30 entrants, 1st place gets 30 pts. 2nd gets 29, 3rd 28, etc.


No handicaps, individual scoring. Players roll three games. Highest total pin count wins. With 30 entrants, 1st place gets 30 pts added to golf pts, 2nd gets 29, 3rd 28, etc.


Double-elimination 8-ball tournament. Individual scoring, no slop. With 30 entrants, winner gets 30 pts added to his two-event total. 2nd place gets 29 pts, 3rd, 28, etc. This is the final leg of the triathlon... very tense... anything can and does happen.

The Working Man's Triathlon began in 1991 in Santa Barbara, CA, mostly as a beer-fueled challenge after a night of bowling. There are only 3 players who have competed in all 24 events since then: Tim O, Joe B, and Dan B. The WMT has been held in places like Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Oklahoma City and Las Vegas. The number of competitors each year varies, with entries ranging from 8 to 48.

There have been several "multi-winning" champs. 'G' has his name on the trophy 4 times. Gabe R has won three times and Tim O is a two-time winner. But, it only takes a bad performance in one of the three legs during the long day and a player can be quickly relegated to the cheering section for the remainder of the tournament. Most players will never taste victory... but that doesn't mean they have to like it. There is always next year.